Aluminium bronzes are extensively used in marine environments, because of their excellent seawater corrosion resistance and strength. Pumps and valves for sea water cooling systems are found on most vessels. Another less familiar application is in mine hunting vessels where the low magnetic permeability is an essential feature when Aluminium Bronze is specified for chains, slings and other specialised components.

Leeds Bronze Engineering is the UK's largest manufacturer of bronze bearings and bushes, and also manufactures many other components in copper based alloys, including valve parts and sonar equipment. The company's expertise in this field is backed by an extensive stockholding facility of copper-based alloys.

Leeds Bronze Engineering are a stockist and supplier of copper based alloys, in American, European and British specifications, as well as machined parts. Our customer base is global and spans the entire value chain from subcontractor to OEM as well as Naval dockyards. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in these products accumulated over the 40 years of our company’s existence and are, currently, the Premier Exotic Materials supplier in the North Sea basin.

Leeds Bronze supply alloys to withstand erosion, corrosion and cavitation. We are able to ensure compliance with a wide range of mechanical requirements appropriate to the Marine and Naval industries, through Heat Treatment and special NDE testing procedures including Ultrasonic, X-Ray Radiograph, Eddy Current and Dye Penetrant. All appropriate certification is available.

Even though our expertise is primarily copper based alloys, we can also supply and machine many other grades of material such as Inconnels, Monels, Super duplex, Spinodol C72900, Ni-Cr white irons amongst others.

Aluminium Bronzes

Def-stan 02-833 (NES833 / DGS1043)

ASTM B150 C63200 - (QQ-C-465)


Def-stan 02-747 (NES747)


ASTM B150 C63000 - (AMS 4640) – NFL14705


EN12163:1998 (CuAl10Ni5Fe4) CW307G

ASTM B505/B271 C95800, C95500, C95400 


BS2874:1986 CA104 – DTD197A / BSB23 – CW307G


GAMM MM11 (CuAl9Ni5Fe4)


GAMM MM13 (CuAl9Ni5Fe4)

Other Alloys


BS2874:1986 CZ112 – C46400 (AMS 4611)


Def-stan 02-779 (NES779) – C70600 / CN102 / CW352H


Def-stan 02-830 (NES830)


Def-stan 02-780 (NES780) – C71500 / CN107 / CW354H


Def-stan 02-838 (NES838) – C51000 / PB102 / CW451K


Def-stan 02-835 (NES835)

 Def-stan 02-834 (NES834 / DGS1044) – C64200 / AMS 4631, 4634 – CA107 – CW301G

As part of our on-going investment programme we have recently purchased a new CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine along with an X-Ray Fluorescence Analyser for positive material identification (PMI). These will supplement the existing, comprehensive, range of inspection equipment within our Quality Assurance Dept.

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