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Leeds Bronze is a leader in the supply of specialist bronze manufactured components in the form of bushes and bearings, as well as bronze bars and tubes to the construction machinery industry, through a wide range of manufacturers and sub-contractors; We supply products that meet the needs of our customers for components that are not only dimensionally correct, but also satisfy the arduous operating environment found in construction machinery applications.

Leeds Bronze has brought together a range of bronze alloys, specifically to suit industry applications, in American, British and European specifications, in order to provide our customers with a single source which is able to meet all our customers’ requirements, whatever the application, whether for excavators, loaders, material handlers, dump trucks or material processing equipment.

Leeds Bronze’s operating ethos means that customers receive the support they need in specifying the best alloy to meet the operating environment for the components, a quality management system that ensures that products meet the design, traceability, technical and documentary requirements, and a production and delivery system capable of meeting customer delivery requirements in a timely and efficient manner, wherever our customers are, across the globe.

Bronze Alloys in solid bars and tubes in American, European and British specification:

 Type British European American
Continuously cast Nickel Gunmetal  G3    
Wrought Nickel Aluminium Bronze  CA104  CW307G  C63000, C63200
Continuously cast Tin Phosphor Bronzes  PB1  CC481K  SAE65
Continuously  cast Leaded Bronze  LPB1  CC493K  SAE660

Bronze machined components

Bearings Bushes Thrust Washers Liner Bearings
Pivot Bushes    Selector Fork  
Damping Restrictors      
Wear Plates Bearing Sleeve   Slidor Blocks
Axle Washer Bush Blocks (slipt)    
Triennia Thrust Washer Planet Gear Bush    
Adaptors Stane Blanking Plug    

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